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Composability: Gateway to a flexible & adaptable retail business

Online event

Meeting modern day retailer challenges with a composable architecture

In the post pandemic world, retailers are faced with the challenge of fast delivery of goods to the customer, while keeping brick and mortar points of sales alive.

The majority of the online buyer population are millennials, who reportedly place high value on same-day & instant delivery more than other generations and are far more receptive to emerging in-home delivery options and new retail-tech features.

This age cohort is also likely to live in urban communities where an array of delivery services are vying for their attention with introductory offers.

Join us in this webinar where we will take you through the challenges that modern-day retailers are facing and will showcase how Devoteam and MuleSoft can help retailers address these challenges, using GraphQL/DataGraph.


Dajana Mitrović

Senior Integration Consultant & MuleSoft Community Lead at Devoteam

Dajana Mitrović is an Integration Consultant who has spent the last few years specializing in MuleSoft and Integration Architecture. Floating between business and IT, helping solve complex industry problems is what she enjoys the most.

Gaurav Chopra

Principal Solution Consultant at MuleSoft

Gaurav Chopra is an API enthusiast and has been working in the integration space for quite a while. He has a wide range of experience and has seen the evolution of the integration space in the last 20 years.

July 12, 2022

Composability: Gateway to a flexible & adaptable retail business