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The biggest risk to organisations today is not starting an analysis of where Generative AI can provide value to their business.

Choosing the right partner, platform and protocols is essential to implementing Generative AI successfully.

Why Devoteam is your ideal AWS partner

At Devoteam, we understand that harnessing the potential of AI is crucial for modern businesses. Our cutting-edge GenAI offer leverages AWS technologies to help you unlock the true potential of AI. By choosing our solution, you gain access to unparalleled scalability, security and innovation, enabling you to drive your organization to new levels of success.

Devoteam AWS Generative AI

We seamlessly guide you through every essential step, starting with the development of a tailored AI strategy aligned with your business objectives, identifying the use cases that drive competitive advantage, and building capabilities to ensure your organization has sustainable solutions and the necessary tools and skills to keep innovating and improving. This comprehensive process is upheld through:

  • Generative AI application development
  • Model selection, customisation, and lifecycle management
  • Privacy, Security, and Compliance
  • Ethical Generative AI Partnership
  • AI Maintenance and Support Services
  • Data Management & Security
  • Seamless Deployment & Integration
  • Enhanced customer experience

Gain tangible results with GenAI just like these companies:

Devoteam helped us automate the production of our models and their availability on the AWS marketplace. For us, the advantage of Sagemaker is to be able to manage several models simultaneously without needing to make changes to our infrastructure. Everything went very smoothly, and the level of skills of the Devoteam Revolve teams very quickly gave us confidence.

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Lilian Debaque

Cloud Architect at LightOn

Gain tangible results with GenAI just like these companies:

Developing an AI system that generates accurate content for support agents requires a deep understanding of context. Interpreting the true meaning behind user requests, especially when it is hidden, can be challenging.

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Gain tangible results with GenAI just like these companies:

The Postgraduate Degree in Applied Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning at ISEG it is a great opportunity to explore the various dimensions of Artificial Intelligence, from the most used technologies, having the AWS infrastructure as a reference, to the main modelling techniques, including the latest developments in Deep Learning, as well as very recent AI Privacy and Security.

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Jorge Caiado

Professor of Econometrics and Forecasting Methods at the Lisbon School of Economics & Management

Gain tangible results with GenAI just like these companies:

We needed somebody who would work more in partnership with us and take the lead in helping us optimise Google Cloud, giving us insight into what’s driving our overall spend, as well as improving our understanding of the opportunities there.

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Phil Bannister

CTO at Redbrain

Gain tangible results with GenAI just like these companies:

Our boundaries now are quite different compared to before the cloud. From a researcher and business point of view, it’s a huge ongoing transformation to see the capabilities and opportunities we now have. We have come so far, and we know what we want to do, so it’s really good to have a partner to support us in making the right decisions.

Stefan Djupvik

CTO, Norsvin

Find out how Devoteam AWS GenAI Competency Centre can impact your business


We advise our customers to be at the front line of innovation: 

  • Understand the landscape: identify the parts of the business where AI could have the most immediate impact.
  • Set an ambition: explore what’s possible with AI to set an inspiring vision that wins support across the organisation.
  • Shape a go-to strategy: assess current capabilities, define AI options, and create a transformation roadmap.


We have an AWS GenAI Factory, application development and end-to-end solution implementation:

  • POC and MVP´s to start to test the GenAI technology, based on use cases analysis, inside the organisation.
  • We go beyond consulting. We take end-to-end ownership from idea to MVP launch!
  • Deploying real  projects with GenAI: embedding GenAI in existing apps, solutions.


We provide tailor made AWS Data and AI training from AWS Professionals. Training takes your hands on with real life examples to drive your success.
Training topics include:
  • Data science with AWS Sagemaker
  • Deep learning and MLOps Engineering
  • Machine Learning Pipelines
  • Data Warehousing & Data Lakes
  • Building data analytics streaming, batch and visualisation solutions

Find out how the Devoteam AWS GenAI Competency Centre can impact your business Get in touch with Devoteam’s GenAI experts!