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So… you gave your career a rating between 1 and 5

Your rating suggests that you are currently not in the right place. You either lack opportunities for career growth, miss flexibility in your organization, or have the feeling that you are not very much appreciated. What to do?

  • First, we suggest to write down what gives you energy.
  • Second, you could ask yourself what you are currently missing at your employer.
  • Finally, write down what values you find important in an organization.

If you have a clear view of these elements, try to find the best possible combination for you. This could end up two ways. You either look for a new job, or start a very concrete discussion with your current employer on how you want things to improve.

The worst thing you can do, in our opinion, is to just let it drag on. The time to act is now.

We’re not saying that we are the right fit for you, but we’re quite proud of our helpful and ambitious mindset. So why not have a look and discover our culture and job openings?

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