Searching for a needle in a haystack – Elastic on Azure

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Doesn’t your organization have a centralized overview of logs, infrastructure, applications, user experience and therefore miss a data overview (of business services and performances) in 1 maintainability and user-friendly dashboard?

Easily bring the power of search, observability, and security to your Azure environment with a user interface and tools that are already familiar to you. Did you know that you can easily find, deploy, and manage Elasticsearch and Kibana directly within the Azure portal? Simplify your operations and gain maximum visibility into the health, performance and security of your infrastructure, applications, and data in Microsoft Azure.

Do you know how to get started with Elastic on Azure? It’s very simple. Get started with Elastic and Microsoft Azure integration and accelerate your time to insights within the Azure environment.

About the webinar:

During our webinar on Tuesday September 14th, you will get more information about the ‘why’ of Elastic on Azure. We will also show you how to deploy and manage Elastic on Microsoft Azure. You’ll learn how to easily find, deploy, and manage Elasticsearch within the Azure portal so you can quickly get visibility into the health, performance, and security of your Azure applications and data.

  • Review common challenges in turning data into actionable insights;
  • Discover the benefits of hosting in the cloud and adopting a search powered platform;
  • Understand how the latest integration makes it faster and easier for deploy Elasticsearch and analyze data within minutes;
  • Learn about cloud-optimized features that help simplify infrastructure, application, and data management within your Azure environment.


  • Martijn Mollman – Partner Director Northern Europe at Elastic
  • Bhanu Pratap Singh – Lead Consultant Elastic at Devoteam
  • Bharathiraja Chinnadurai – Big Data Consultant at Devoteam