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Unveiling of the Devoteam TechRadar

26th April at 6:30 PM CET

Live Stream Event

Sometimes the tech landscape can be confusing. Are you sure you have all the cards in your hand to make the right tech choices?

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Event Overview Don’t get lost in the jungle of digital complexity

The Devoteam TechRadar is a curated collection of 134 technologies that you should be aware of as you plan your strategies and make business decisions. In our live sneak preview, Devoteam co-founders, Godefroy and Stanislas de Bentzmann, our Group CTO, Philippe Bournhonesque, as well as some of the key contributors will gather to discuss the objectives and findings of this decision-making tool. The event will be moderated by our Head of Strategic Marketing, Karen Auffret.

Event Schedule

Intro – 6:30 PM
Introduction & Context

A comparison between the French tech ecosystem vs. the the European & US tech ecosystems. Exploring the key impact of tech on other industries and the need for acceleration and talent in tech.

The TechRadar at a Glance

Presentation of the Devoteam’s Tech Radar: our methodology, main objectives, and key learnings.

Key Findings – 6:45 PM
Digital Business & Products

How to accelerate your business through digital tools? How to shape innovative digital businesses, performant products and remarkable experiences through technology?

Data-driven Intelligence

Explore how to use data and analytics to drive tangible business outcomes. Discover how to differentiate your products, services and customer experiences and to surpass your competition with an insight-based approach.

Distributed Cloud

Dig into the infinite possibilities of cloud at scale and harness its power to unlock a limitless future for your business. Embrace cloud technology as a key foundation of your digital strategy to become a pure “digital company.”

Business Automation

Find out how to take your business to the next level. Streamline business processes to connect people with more efficient tools and smarter systems.

Trust & Cybersecurity

Inspire trust in your stakeholders with a ‘cybersecurity at scale’ strategy. Understand your evolving threat landscape and swiftly address business risks to evolve with adequate measures and ultimate security features.

Sustainability enabled by Digital

Turn ESG theory into action. Understand your environmental and social impact, implement responsible strategies throughout your company and discover untapped potential through sustainable practices.

Conclusion – 7:25 PM
In Closing

The business impact of Devoteam’s Tech Radar: how can companies, decision-makers and employees leverage the key learnings of our Tech Radar?

SPEAKERS Hear from some key contributors of the TechRadar and key members of Devoteam’s global leadership.

Speaker 1

Karen Auffret

Head of Strategic Marketing

Devoteam Corporate
Event Moderator

Speaker 2

Godefroy de Bentzmann

Co-CEO of Devoteam

Speaker 3

Philippe Bournhonesque

VP of Innovative Development

Devoteam Corporate

Speaker 4

Jean-Philippe Bourdarie

Partner – Devoteam Digital Impulse

Speaker 5

Laurent Letourmy

Head of Data

Devoteam France

Speaker 6

Gert Jan van Halem

Chief Technology Officer

Devoteam Netherlands

Speaker 7

Mikkel Kristiansen

Partner and Global Business Automation Director

Devoteam Denmark

Speaker 8

Renaud Templier

Vice President of Devoteam Cybertrust

Speaker 9

Hans Lindeman

Country Managing Director

Devoteam Norway

Speaker 10

Stanislas de Bentzmann

Co-CEO of Devoteam