Customer Service Management – ServiceNow

Customer experience is expected to be the key brand differentiator. Devoteam helps your service organisation to enable your every department to see and act on customer cases. Service is a team sport. This will serve your customers faster and more effectively. One of our customers for which we have implemented CSM is Konica Minolta.

As Devoteam we are strong in both connecting technology and people. With ServiceNow we can integrate your existing systems and enhance the usability for the end-user, while our experience in transformation management can help your business and users guide and prepare for new business processes.

CSM can help make your business processes more efficient and consistent. At the same time it can give you insight in how each process is performing so that continuous monitoring and improvement is possible.

By investing in CSM your company can save money, improve customer satisfaction by streamlining your business processes and build on a long term platform to extend your business (easily scalable).



Marc Kikkert
Business Unit Manager - Process Excellence