Artificial Intelligence – ServiceNow

ServiceNow supports automatic classification for ITSM, CSM and HR, out-of-the-box. This saves time for your agents to classify themselves. Another more advanced example is the case in which AI is used with sensors to identify an issue proactively, giving full details about the issue and recommending a solution. Then a field service specialist in the neighborhood is notified to resolve the issue with the help of Field Service Management and he solves the issue, which is directly visible in the monitoring system.

As Devoteam, our skills to connect systems can be expressed with ServiceNow – this system is designed to integrate existing systems. Further, Devoteam has experience with AI projects. Since ServiceNow’s CSM and HR solutions can be extended with AI solutions, we can deliver fully customized services that fit your business needs, for example to deflect questions that can be answered with self-service. Thereby saving you costs and increasing the customer satisfaction.

For the retail industry, we can enhance the customer experience with CSM and help to build customer profiles with the help of AI. CSM allows to order products and also allows to process service requests. AI can help enrich customer profiles for marketing and onsite to provide proactively product recommendations or help based on browser behaviour.
For the insurance industry, CSM could help to streamline customer services by integrating systems, while on agent site recommend answers (AI) to give back to customers if they couldn’t be answered by self-service.



Marc Kikkert
Business Unit Manager - Process Excellence