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As Devoteam, we are the  #1 EMEA ServiceNow Leader! Active in 12 countries within EMEA and still growing. We are experts in enabling IT to become a Business hero. For that, we offer ServiceNow. Our collaboration has a strong fundament and with more than 200 certified ServiceNow consultants we achieved a Double Gold Partnership status. We strongly believe that together with ServiceNow we can transform how work is done. Interested in how we improved Service Management at different Clients? Please take a look at our propositions below.

Our International Centre of Excellence

At Devoteam we believe that you should work on the things that make a difference. For you and for your environment. Enterprise platform (and trusted partner) ServiceNow enables us to structure and automate tasks, release routine tasks and focus on your core business. In short, technology for people. To optimally help our clients in reaching their goals and maximizing their potential, we founded an International Centre of Excellence.


Customer experience is expected to be the key brand differentiator. Devoteam helps your service organisation to enable your every department to see and act on customer cases.

Human Resources (HR)

  • Is more than 50% of your HR resources doing routine, repetitive tasks?
  • Do you have a overall view of the work in progress in the HR department?
  • Is HR information hard to find or not available at all?
  • Do you have complex processes that start in HR but involve other departments which HR needs to manage?

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

ServiceNow supports automatic classification for ITSM, CSM and HR, out-of-the-box. This saves time for your agents to classify themselves.

ServiceNow automates your services within and beyond IT
Starting from the ITSM platform, ServiceNow can help you industrialize your mature processes, wether they are part of your IT Infrastructure or Business Organisation.

Accelerate your business with ServiceNow
Automate workflow: eliminate the bottlenecks of daily business operations.
Empower people: create a modern work environment thanks to the Self-service portal.
Reduce cost and risk: consolidate legacy systems to one single source of engagement.

Devoteam guides you in your IT Transformation

As a silver services partner and gold sales partner, Devoteam is able to mobilize various resources from consulting in IT transformation to the implementation of managed services through the integration of “Platform as a Service” in order to meet your business needs (HR, Marketing, IT, etc.).

We have the technical expertise and knowledge to improve services management within your company.

We help our clients win their digital battle.

Key facts & figures

Partner since 2018 Partner since 2009 12 countries in EMEA +230 references +250 experts


Why work with us?

We are able to mobilize various resources from consulting in IT transformation to the implementation of managed services through the integration of “Platform as a Service”.

EMEA Leader “Rapid” Agile Method Managed Services 24/7 Dedicated Knowledge Communities


Bas Heuts
Practice Lead ServiceNow
Marc Kikkert
Business Unit Manager - Process Excellence