Red Hat

Reap the benefit of DevOps and Cloud through the leading Open Source technologies

Helping you becoming more Agile
DevOps is at the heart of strategic needs for companies, making it possible to slash application time to market and therefore reducing expenses.

With its full Cloud-enabled suite, Red Hat helps you focus your IT Team on what matters most and not on basic, time-consuming, tasks.

Red Hat is the leading provider of Open Source solutions
Thanks to its genuine commitment to the Open Source community, Red Hat takes the best from Open Source technologies, strengthens it and certifies it, to deliver you higher performance at lower cost and with better reliability.

Driven by people from all communities, you will benefit from rapid innovation and high-quality software.

Devoteam supports you on your Cloud transformation
As Red Hat’s Premier Business Partner for Open Source Cloud, Devoteam helps you to implement your cloud platform strategy and gain operational efficiency through innovative solutions. 

Key facts & figures

Partner since 2016 EMEA wide Premier Partner in
our major geographies
+50 references +100 experts

Our Red Hat knowledge

Through the last couple of years, Devoteam became an authority on Red Hat related technologies as OpenShift and Ansible. Click the button below to find our Red Hat related content, from cases to how-to articles and event recaps.



Hans Mollevanger
DevOps Director
Melis Schaap
Director Business Development