Deliver Data Insight

Data Analytics (DA) improves business agility, efficiency and stimulates growth. That is why for most companies using DA the right way it is one of today’s top priorities. It can help significantly in reaching more efficient business functions and processes, cutting costs and improving the customer satisfaction. Therefore, we have developed full service Data Analytics solutions that help top-class organizations, such as Liberty Global, Arriva and AkzoNobel, excel in their changing and competitive markets.

“Based on the insights you gain from Data Analytics, you can make business decisions that truly benefit your organization’s stability and growth.”

By developing and implementing the client’s Data Strategy we help provide our clients with actionable data; easy to interpret and ready for use. Based on the insights you gain, by analyzing your current situation, newly discovered trends that impact your business, and even predictions of future market behavior, you can make business decisions that truly benefit your organization’s stability and growth.

Descriptive Analytics

Essential for the improvement of your business processes is knowing your company’s history. With help of our DA consultants, you get insight in historical data and the means of how to interpret data from different sources in a specific context.

Predictive Analytics

What if you could predict the future? That would make business decisions easier, right? Predictive analysis makes this possible. Our data scientists define statistical models that predict the probability that specific events will occur in your business. Read more.

Prescriptive Analytics

Your organization is truly agile when predictive models automatically invoke predefined actions to achieve a required effect. Together with your DA team our data scientists define the models and actions and monitor and improve these models during use.

Streaming Analytics

Combining real-time data feeds and statistical models based on historical date with streaming analytics gives you faster insight and enables you to act in real time, This gives you a distinctive advantage and opens new business perspectives.



Melis Schaap

Practice Director Data as a Service

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