Cloud Enabled Company

Prepare and maintain the hybrid cloud foundations to support digital transformation

Our cloud enablement offering is focussed on helping our customers make the move to the cloud (or multi-cloud) in order to achieve business agility while saving on infrastructure maintenance costs. In other words, standing on the shoulder of giants.

By leveraging our expertise in Cloud technology and partnerships with the likes of Red Hat, Microsoft, Google & AWS we help design and implement infrastructure on the cloud and bring applications to the cloud, while making sure you still get value from your existing on-prem solutions.


  • Define the right Cloud Strategy

    Optimize the balance between private and public cloud, based on company requirements and market trends
  • Build the Cloud Foundations

    Define and implement architecture patterns, tools and processes to facilitate access and use of services in a cloud model
  • Ensure security and compliance

    Secure the target hybrid architecture with a design fully compliant with company requirements regarding security and compliance
  • Manage foundations lifecycle

    Define and implement governance rules to ensure foundations remain aligned with requirements, including tool and process updates and revisions


Hans Mollevanger
DevOps Director