Cloud enablement

Our cloud enablement offering is focussed on helping our customers make the move to the cloud (or multi-cloud) in order to achieve business agility while saving on infrastructure maintenance costs. In other words, standing on the shoulder of giants. By leveraging our expertise in cloud technology and partnerships with the likes of Red Hat and Google, we help design and implement infrastructure on the cloud and bring applications to the cloud, while making sure you still get value from your existing on-prem solutions. At the same time taking care of security, monitoring, and other key aspects of an enterprise solution.

Our Cloud enablement services

OpenShift setup and operations Setting up and operating a container platform with OpenShift and Kubernetes.
Cloud application onboarding Getting applications ready for the cloud by adopting cloud-native application patterns, and leveraging onboarding features of OpenShift and other tools.
Cloud migration Helping companies make the move to the cloud by designing cloud architecture and enabling use of cloud services on GCP, Azure, etc.


Hans Mollevanger
DevOps Director

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