Starter Kit Jira SDL

Whether you are developing using Waterfall or Agile development processes, keeping track of your software delivery is essential. Traceability, governance, priorities, planning, responsibility and testing of issues are important elements in the Software Delivery Lifecycle (SDL). Wouldn’t it be great to have software and processes that can support this lifecycle?

The Devoteam Atlassian JIRA SDL solution offers exactly that. A standardised Software Delivery process inside a standardised JIRA Software solution implemented to meet your business needs in a clear and transparent way. A solution that can help you track issues and functionalities from creation to delivery. You can manage releases by populating them with the right issues, that can be prioritised and planned accordingly.

The challenge of finding the right Software Delivery Lifecycle product for your organization

There are various product offerings in the market that can offer either partial or focused elements of the software delivery lifecycle. Each of them providing relevant features to add value to your software delivery process. Many organisations, and maybe yours as well, may struggle finding the right solution for your software delivery lifecycle management because of lack of experience or unavailability of the right resourcing due to other business needs.

What Devoteam can do for you

Devoteam is an authority on software delivery lifecycle and application lifecycle management, a reputation that has been reached by many years of tangible, real-life ALM an SDLC implementations in very complex and demanding eco-systems. Devoteam’s 30+ ALM and SDLC experts have accumulated in-depth knowledge of the most relevant SDLC platforms on the market and as such are able to map the capabilities of those to your company’s unique requirements.

The Devoteam JIRA Software Delivery Lifecycle solution

Start to control your Software Delivery Lifecycle right now

Devoteam will deliver a solution that will enable your company to manage your Software Delivery Process. A solution that will give you control over your releases, versions and teams delivering the applications that you use in your everyday business processes. Your team will be able to keep focus on their most important task: delivering working software that adds value to your business.

Including the following standard components:

  • Agile Project workflow templates including automation
  • Issues & Issue types (Story, Epics)
  • Dashboards
  • Predefined Filters
  • Boards (1 Scrum & 1 Kanban board)
  • Limited set of SDL specific custom fields


Stéphane Veraart
Senior Consultant DevOps