DevOps with Agile IT Platform

Devoteam offers a unique setup of expertise, strategic partnerships & experiences, using:

  • Our unique combination of management and technology consulting
  • Digital factory to build the digital products
  • Leveraging the full Devoteam offer portfolio

To help your organization:

  • Benefit from the cloud capabilities
  • Improve your quality of digital experience
  • Reduce time to market for your products

Implementing DevOps creates the mind-set, tools & processes to turn ideas rapidly into new and enhanced features. With 50 certified DevOps consultants we help our clients in winning their digital battles every day.

Our CALMS approach towards DevOps

Our approach to DevOps is captured using the acronym CALMS: Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement & Sharing. CALMS covers the 5 dimensions that are essential to enable a successful DevOps implementation.



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