DevOps: become a high performing organization with DevOps as business enabler

03. November 2017

Many companies struggle keeping pace with business needs and high demands on software development, even though it has never been more important than today. They are facing a market with competitive products and high demands on delivery in a world full of technology drivers, like mobile and cloud that enable “The Internet of Things” to make products even smarter. Combining all kinds of data to manage and control multiple devices in an IT-ecosystem that is not yet responsive.

Big question: how to make a run for success? Our answer: become a high performing organization with DevOps as business enabler.

What is DevOps?

It’s neither a tool nor a product. DevOps is a methodology that improves the development and deployment cycle.

Devoteam strongly believes in DevOps, because when Development and Operations unite, deployment quality and operational efficiency will improve. That means an increasing time to market and a better customer experience. DevOps gives organisations more time to focus on their core business, instead of adapting their business to the limited possibilities and time frame of implementation.

Where Agile was the first step to a more lean approach on software development and business and development were aligned in Scrum teams, DevOps is the next step is to focus on IT Operations to be more lean and agile.
By improving the working culture, extending the Agile approach to the Operations department and enabling feedback loops, DevOps helps organizations to improve their overall IT and business delivery.

The improvement starts with a cultural change. With Scrum teams that consist of different disciplines and an agile approach on delivering software, the cultural adaptation is challenging. Natural borders between various disciplines need to be eliminated in a DevOps world.

Does this mean that Development and Operation will become one? No. Specific tasks and supporting processes are still needed to be done. But the co-operation and involvement in each others daily work should be intensified substantially to understand and improve the business value of their work. Whether transformations have a specific Dev (i.e. Continuous Integration), Ops (i.e. Continuous Monitoring) or global DevOps pattern (i.e. Continuous Release/Deployment) crucial are the various tools that can support and automate the repeating tasks and processes.

Devoteam employs many expert employees within the automation area of integration, monitoring and release & deployment. They advise and help organizations to reduce the amount of time to be spent activating daily tasks and increase time and energy in innovation and supporting the business goals.

DevOps highlights

Gartner, Forrester and other leading market experts acknowledge DevOps as a must for companies to be ready for the online, fast and demanding consumer market.

DevOps highlights:

Continuous Delivery to streamline the whole IT delivery and guarantee reliable high quality repeatable products by an Agile approach.
Reduced Complexity by building an architecture, deliver standardized solutions and enable knowledge sharing through communities.
Faster Time to Market to simplify and automate application release/deployment.
Increase Return of Investment (ROI) by creating repeatable and constantly improving transformation to production and understanding business value by innovation.
Stable System by continuous monitoring, improvement and assurance of quality within your DevOps transformations and patterns.