Companies across industries feel the ever increasing need for digitization; the process of casting away fixed, manual, batch-wise and after-the-fact methods of operation. The new leaders will need to replace their outdated practices with agile, automated, always-on, real-time and information-rich processes.

We support our customers with vendor-independent services covering the full spectrum of skills, experiences and proven approaches needed for the integration of digital transformation of processes regarding customers, services, products, and operating models.

EAI and API Management

Digitization’s sole purpose is delivering the right information at the right time to the right people, be that customers, staff, management, stakeholders or external parties. EAI is not only an enabler but also a necessity for digitization, be it in the form of “old school” point-to-point interfacing, the use of ESBs, a microservices approach or a full-fledged API management approach.


The key ingredient of Microservices Architecture (MsA) is not just the smaller-than-SOA-services, but the decentralization and simplification of the development of these services.

In an MsA, different teams are encouraged to develop simpler services, to release them quickly and to release them often. This is hard to accomplish using SOA where services are rarely completely loosely coupled and often part of a Mikado-style web of services.

Project/Program Management

Digitization only works when multiple parties play together nicely. Not only during execution of your primary business processes, but also during the process of getting to this digitized state. From experience we know you need a special type of Project and/or Program Manager to make your digitization initiative a success.

Hybrid Cloud Enablement

Cloud technology has passed beyond the hype. It’s now considered just one alternative in the vast array of tools at your disposal. Our certified cloud architects (CloudSchool and AWS) plan and realize your optimal hybrid cloud solutions, providing agile, efficient and simplified deployment mechanisms across physical and virtual environments.

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Ratko Popovski

Director IT Strategy