Go OpenShift without big investments

Go OpenShift – Offer summary


  • Experiment with OpenShift without big investments
  • Try Microservices & Containerization
  • Hosted on a data-center located in the Netherlands
  • Support & advice from a Red Hat Premier Partner

How? 4 one-week sprints

  • 1: Set up the environment
  • 2: Get an actual application running
  • 3: Set up the CI/CD pipeline for the app
  • 4: Scale up your application




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Business Needs vs IT Challenges

  • “If we have to wait for IT, we have to wait forever”
  • “Our customers are more demanding than before”

These are merely two examples of questions that are familiar to our customers. In short, IT must facilitate business, but faces difficulties in doing so. On top of there is the typical friction between Infra and Developers in your IT department. Whereas Infra strives to maximize security and stability, Developers strive for an innovative trial & error method (fail cheap). Microservices & Containerization promise to come to the rescue. However, finding out if this technology will work for you and your organization seems to require a large investment.

“Microservices’ promise is to improve time to market, flexibility and adaption to changes”.

What if there was a quick way to find out? Easy, simple and without big investments, that is exactly what Go OpenShift does.

A 4 phased approach in sprints

  • Sprint 1: With Open Line, setting up the environment is a breeze. In the first week we will focus on getting to know OpenShift and experiment with some basic containers.
  • Sprint 2: We will deliver a first application to a production environment. And we plan on using one of yours.
  • Sprint 3: Every application will change over time. So will yours. We will set up a pipeline to enable quick and safe delivery of changes.
  • Sprint 4: The traffic will increase. The application must scale up, and has to be secured and monitored. We will make sure that the application is able to handle the extra load.

If you are not satisfied, and/or do not want to extend after this trial period, we will simply pull the plug and leave things exactly as they were before we came in. No strings attached. But of course we fully believe we can convince you of its benefits.

Red Hat, Open Line & Devoteam

We offer a unique combination of qualified organizations: The technology itself (Red Hat OpenShift), hosted in the Netherlands as a subscription model with excellent support (Open Line) and the expertise and guidance of a Red Hat Premier Business Partner & integration specialist (Devoteam).

Want to try Microservices & Containerization with our Go Openshift offer? Contact us via the button below and mention Go OpenShift in the subject line.



Gert Jan van Halem
Chief Technology Officer
Melis Schaap
Director Business Development