Sharing is a necessary two way street

With all this data, you need to disseminate what is learned, what went wrong, and how to correct. The benefit of breaking down the walls between developers and operations is the information flow becomes bi-directional, and you avoid the concept of “throwing things over the fence”. However, this is worthless if information is not shared proactively.

Sharing is not just reporting facts, it is regularly exchanging ideas across teams.

Developers can suggest QA and operations to try new tools to improve production quality, and operations can suggest functionality that helps back-end management.

In this area we can help out by coaching. Also, we can provide tools to support sharing in your organization.

Sharing & Collaboration

Sharing information is essential for the successfully implementation of DevOps. In order to make this work, the right and up-to-date information always has to be readily available to whoever needs it. At the same time sensitive information should be only made available to those groups that have been authorized. Collaborative tools can make this happen without creating an information overkill.

We have extensive experience in implementing collaborative tools in organizations creating a single source of truth for the organization and enabling role based access to sensitive information.

We can also help you move away from many single purpose documents towards continuous content creation. Resulting in process optimization and increased agility.

Efficient reviews and approvals

When sharing information, an important element is that the content being shared is reviewed and approved properly. Traditionally the review process is managed manually by email and tracked by spreadsheets. Reconciliation of all the feedback and input is done after the fact in the original document. This is often a considerable administrative burden that draws focus away from the actual content of the documents. Defining and implementing an efficient review and approval process using modern collaboration tools removes this burden and speeds up the process.
We can help you defining and implement efficient document and approval processes using collaborative tooling.

Continuous Content Creation

Traditionally a lot of documents with overlapping information are created during the lifetime of business solutions. All with their different formats, versions and owners. Creating a single source of truth that enables true collaboration will remove the need for individual documents and at the same time remove waste from the solution creation and support process. This also enables continuous content creation and will help your organization to smoothly make the transition from waterfall to Agile. Without losing visibility on progress, while enabling step-wise refinement.
We can help you move away from many single purpose documents towards continuous content creation. Resulting in process optimization and increased agility, while maintaining visibility and creating a single source of truth for your organization.

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