Keep everything to a minimum

As you build automation you also have to remember to be lean. Running lean means keeping everything to a minimum.

Tools, meetings, and even sprints should all be kept lean. When being lean is part of your culture, every tool and process you select has a purpose. It also applies to your teams.

You must keep teams to an effective size to avoid diminishing returns from too many cooks in the kitchen. If the application complexity warrants larger teams, then break them into sub groups, as many large organizations have done.

We know how to design and optimize processes. Lean is for a big part exactly that. With our experience in Business Process Management we help organizations to implement the right process at the right time.

Business Process Management

Implementing an existing process “as documented” into a tool is one thing but challenging and streamlining your “real world” operational Business Processes is what really will enable you to add value to your organization and thereby your customers. We have broad experience with reviewing, challenging and optimizing processes in the Demand to Deploy cycle and have the skills and experience to turn our advice into reality within your organization.

SDLC Framework

The creation of complex business solutions generally involves multiple departments and stakeholders. Setting up a fully integrated Software Development Life Cycle framework will help to interlink the traditional silos and thereby reducing and finally removing the barriers between them. This enables full collaboration, a smooth review and approval process by the various stakeholders and increased visibility and predictability of the creation of the business solution.
We are experienced in the Agile implementation of integrated SDLC frameworks for organizations resulting in the reduction of waste and therefore cost.

Continuous Content Creation

Traditionally a lot of documents with overlapping information are created during the lifetime of business solutions, all with their different formats, versions and owners. Creating a single source of truth that enables true collaboration will remove the need for individual documents and at the same time remove waste from the solution creation and support process. This also enables continuous content creation and will help your organization to smoothly make the transition from waterfall to Agile. Without losing visibility on progress, while enabling step-wise refinement.
We can help you move away from many single purpose documents towards continuous content creation. Resulting in process optimization and increased agility while maintaining visibility and creating a single source of truth for your organization.

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Hans Mollevanger
DevOps Director