Automate everything

Once you have culture in place you can focus on automation. This is not just creating scripts for infrastructure or using Selenium for functional testing.

Automation is the idea that you should program everything.

Find a way to lead all new initiatives with automation (don’t forget to be lean) and then think about automation constantly to help scale.

We have broad experience in automating delivery pipelines for different platforms.

Continuous Delivery

On your journey to DevOps, we can help you to implement the different Continuous stages. Starting with Continuous Integration, through Continuous Delivery towards Continuous Deployment. We give advice and help you to optimize the use of the Continuous tooling you already have, or select new tooling if needed, and determine together which next steps best fit the current phase of your DevOps journey. We also have experience with defining Continuous Delivery Road-maps and the step-wise implementation in complex organizations. Read more

Test Automation

Test Automation will not only help your organisation to reduce manual activities and test time but will also ensure reproducible results with the agreed level of test case coverage. Test Automation is furthermore essential when you are implementing Test Driven Development. Requirements described in natural language, which at the same time are executable test scripts, will minimize misunderstandings and ensure that the end product fulfills its requirements. And off course, Test Automation enables early detection of defects in the product creation process which dramatically reduces the time and cost impact of these defects. Test Automation is an important link in the Continuous Deployment chain.

We have implemented Test Automation in multiple environments and can also help your organization to make the right step towards Test Automation at the right time.

Service Virtualization

Testing and integration activities of applications within complex environments are often hindered by a lack of availability or high costs of full production like environments. Next to this, new or altered functionality in interfacing applications may not yet be available or fully tested. Service Virtualization will enable you to decrease the dependency on the availability of full production like environments and ecosystems. In complex application landscapes, such as chain-computerization, Service Virtualization is a key element of test Automation.
We have experience with the introduction and implementation of Service Virtualization in complex environments.

Automatic IT Provisioning

IT provisioning in many organizations still is an activity with (too) long completion times and, due to manual activities, not always first time right deliverables. Resulting in laborious correction activities. For DevOps teams it is important that they have easy, quick and reliable access to well defined and baselined IT environments for Development, Integration and Testing activities. Automatic IT provisioning is key to fast enablement of Agile development.
We can assist your organization with the automation of Deployment pipeline creation and with optimization of IT Infrastructure Management and provisioning in general. Read more

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