TMNS supports Action from Switzerland

03. January 2017

Update December 2017: TMNS is now Devoteam

Many people are adrift. Trying to get away from war zones, violence and looking for a safe place to live, work and nurture their children. The flow of refugees has led to numerous challenges, not in the least for people on the run themselves. Many end up waiting to be allowed into a European or other country and live, hopefully temporarily, in very difficult circumstances. Fortunately there are many volunteers supporting and serving the cause of these refugees.

Action from Switzerland

The wife of one of our Swiss colleagues, Gabrielle Tan, has worked as a volunteer in Greece for the last two years at Action from Switzerland. Instead of me telling you about it, why don’t you just watch her interview.

Giving back to society

At TMNS we believe it is important to give back to society. In the last two years we have donated to cancer research. This year we have decided to donate an amount of EUR 4000 to Action from Switzerland to cover the annual water and electricity cost of the women’s shelter: Athena Centre for Women.

While we have drawn your attention to this cause, we also would invite you personally to consider a donation to facilitate and support the services provided by the volunteers, that very selflessly dedicate their time and effort.

Thanks for your attention.



Bert Schaap
Senior Vice President