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Sharing the experience | London, 6th March 2018

Apigee’s “I Love APIs” London conference is one of the “five cities around the world conferences” organised by Apigee (now part of Google Cloud). It’s a one-day jam-packed conference focusing not only on technology but also business and developer tracks, eventually focusing on essential entities of the digital ecosystem.

Fortunately for me, this was not my first participation. In 2015, I was privileged to be one of the attendants of the “I Love APIs” conference in London, which gave me a chance to learn a lot about APIs, Apigee offerings, and insights.


Chet Kapoor speaks to a full house, source: Twitter

The benefits of attending such conferences?

“Some people might think, well, it’s all about APIs right? And if I don’t come from an API background, joining such a conference does not make sense, right?” In my opinion these conferences are much more than just about APIs.

This conference also highlights digital transformation journeys, and answers questions like:

  • What have other organisations done in their battle to make it through the digital revolution?
  • What can we learn from the failure of others?
  • What were the major challenges faced, and which resulted in success stories?

Every organisation has been through or will have to face this third industrial revolution. In fact, that’s why we at Devoteam exist. Our one clear goal: Giving our clients the means to win their digital battles.

But why APIs?

Data, services and functionalities are no longer limited to an application, because modern businesses expect services to be available to them anytime, anywhere, through any device, instantly.

And having said that, API oriented architecture is proving to be the foundation for digital transformation, API approach allows business to hide the complexity of disparate back-end systems and simplifies the delivery of services to an ever-expanding variety of devices, enables business owners to quickly add new features and do faster innovation by not only implementing core product features and connecting systems together but also allowing business to meet their customer needs and follow market trends…”

A note from“Digital is not a website…”

“APIs are everywhere…”

For e.g. checking your bank account details, buying products online or checking flight details on your phone. Just a few examples of API enablement in mobile apps. As you clearly see with these examples, APIs bring value.

And in order to manage your APIs, you certainly need an API management Platform.

Apigee’s Intelligent API platform not only has the capability to create business values with APIs but it also streamlines the whole digital value chain workflow in an ecosystem.


Source: Apigee

Alright, I won’t do long stories with too many details, but just wanted to give a little bit of context of what we are talking about. Especially “why APIs?” and how APIs can help your company move forward faster than ever.

So why do I suggest attending such conferences? I expect to learn, share and meet other API enthusiasts, especially while being an API enthusiast myself”.

In short,

Learning from others, going through their digital transformation journey, the key challenges they faced, their success stories, and most importantly, learning from their mistakes. In addition to that it is interesting to know what they are doing with their APIs? Because APIs can not bring any value if they are not being used correctly.

Sharing with others on how we help our customer to win their digital battles.”

Meeting with those you normally never get a chance to interact with face-to-face, because you only know their @username on apigee community

I Love APIs – Conference Topics

Alright, let’s talk about the conference topics.

The topics were divided based on the target audience, which meant there were 3 tracks;

  1. Business — Strategic and tactical discussions for navigating everything related to APIs and cloud business reality.
  2. Technology — A focus on best practices with examples on how API platforms enable the connected customer experience.
  3. Developer API JamGaining practical hands-on experience in using the Apigee Edge platform.

I chose to attend all sessions in the Technology track. There were a couple of really interesting topics;

  • I’ve got Microservices, so do I need API Management?
  • How to secure are your APIs?
  • Crash Course in Google ML APIs
  • Push for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies
  • Gartner’s presentation from Paolo Malinverno, about API ecosystems, organising Hackathons and much more. Especially what value a Hackathon can bring.

apigeei-love-api-conference-devoteam-twitter-recommendation-gartnerAlso some customer feedback on industry known challenges were quite interesting;

  • centralised team vs others, the mindset with-in/outside the team, and how to manage that?
  • conflicts between business and technical delivery teams? How to resolve them?

An amazing location

Alright, let’s come to the fun part, one thing I’d definitely like to mention and on which other participants would also agree, is the conference venue (etc.venues County Hall). A great location next to The London Eye with breathtaking views like The Houses of Parliament & The Big Ben (see the image below).


Source: ETC Venues

Very well organised, from self-service printing entry badges to the drinks at the end (and delicious cupcakes).

I Love APIs – Quotes

Some of the quotes, taken from statements and conference presentations, I collected are;





Devoteam supports skill and knowledge development

Attending conferences like these (regarding whatever subject) help in defining me as a professional. At Devoteam, personal development is highly valued, which means that if I find an interesting conference, webinar or training that might enrich my skill set as a professional, Devoteam gives me the opportunity to attend. I feel very lucky to be able to work for a company where personal development is of paramount importance.

I hope to see you on the next conference, or as one of my colleagues in the future.


Niki Karakosta, myself and Magno Adriano da Silva Leite (from left to right)

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