Architecture: The blueprint for implementation

Our experienced architects provide sound advice, based on an extensive situation analysis, in the form of a detailed architectural plan. This plan describes architectural principles, such as the structure of the various components, the mutual relations and communication, and the design guidelines, in detail. Architecture therefore serves as the blueprint for implementation.

API Management

The number of APIs is growing exponentially with the demanding business needs. As more
and more APIs are getting exposed to the outside world, organizations are struggling with securing
the APIs and their underlying systems against external threats, monitoring the usage of APIs and
its data, and monetizing its assets to generate more revenue. These new complexities demand
very efficient API Lifecycle Management, and the use of API Analytics to monitor health trends and
insights in the API ecosystem.


‘Microservices’ is the new buzzword in IT. Though the concept is not new, it can be an enabler for improving your IT delivery process. Microservices architecture is a software architecture style in which a single application is divided in
small services, each running on it’s own, but communicating with each other using lightweight mechanisms like HTTP resource API.

Architecture solutions for your organization?

Are you convinced of the need for investing in Architecure? Our consultants have led architectural processes in multiple domains and will guide you in the creation setting up the right architecture as a blueprint for the implementation. Feel free to contact Ratko Popovski, Director Architecture & Implementation at Devoteam Netherlands.



Ratko Popovski

Director IT Strategy

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